Monday, May 23, 2011

Ready for Squirrels?

For early hunting season fun, it really is hard to beat squirrels. Ohio's squirrel season typically opens labor day weekend and runs well into the winter now. I know that some other states have open season or squirrel seasons that open much earlier. That's probably how this article Give Squirrel a Whirl came up recently on CNN. It seems like you'd have to be more selective this time of year to target mature squirrels. The ones that are running around the yard and not sacrificing themselves on the roads seem to be on the smallish side.

Like any other time the topic of hunting comes up on a site like CNN the comments section is packed. Check out the survey and vote.

All of it really reminds me that now would be a great time to make sure the .22 is sighted in.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Modified Leopold Bench

The other day I picked up some scrap lumber. Actually it was the remnants of a loft bed with a dresser and closet below that I build for a relative's son. It was my favorite piece I've ever done. But it had served it's purpose and was time to go.

So I was faced with a pile of 2 X 6's and 2 X 4's of various sizes covering the floor of the garage. Nothing that quite matched the requirements for the bench plans I posted earlier. I figured I could make it work. And it does.

It's a pretty laid-back bench, perfect for watching sunsets and deer in the field across the road. Using a 2 X 6 instead of the plans called for 2 X 8 actually opens it up some making it even better for playing guitar.

If you'd like the dimensions I ended up with, leave a comment. I have more pictures as well.