Thursday, October 20, 2016

Great News for Ohio Bobwhites

Bobwhite Quail might be native to much of the country, but they haven't had an easy time lately. The problem is almost 100% habitat related. But there might me help from what many might consider an unlikely benefactor for small animals: roadways. There are several programs underway that should benefit Bobwhites and other upland animals with minimal impact.

Buckeye Sportsman Podcast Roadways Projects ODNR Pheasant Biologist Mark Wiley talks Pheasant hunting and Attorney Jack Moser discusses legal issues facing Ohio Outdoorsmen.

OHIO TAKES ACTION FOR BOBWHITE QUAIL WITH FIRST QUAIL FOCUS AREA IN HIGHLAND COUNTY Bobwhite quail—a native species, as well as a current species of concern in Ohio—have a brighter future in the state after a successful landowner meeting established Ohio’s first-ever quail focus area. Forty-two landowners attended the meeting, voting to name the 9,930-acre, 10-year focus area the Fallsville Quail Heritage Area. Quail habitat restoration will be the focus of the area, which is located in Highland County, just north of Hillsboro.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Slow Motion Shorthair

Somehow managed to catch two chipmunks at the same time in a live trap. Jurgen was really interested in that ...