Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow Rollers in Ohio

A weather phenomenon that rarely happens, but apparently happend all over Ohio this winter of 2014. I actually watched this take place walking Jurgen that day. It was just bizarre. It starts like a flap of snow then rolls into what you see here. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Meet Jürgen von Stillwater

Following in the footsteps of Sundance West Eva Diva (you never replace your first birddog) is another Sundance-line dog, Jurgen von Stillwater.

If you're familiar with the teutonic method of naming dogs, you'll recognize and appreciate this as the "J-litter" from Stillwater Kennels.

He came to our house on December 26th. He's growing fast and full of personality, but this has been a miserable winter in Ohio to introduce a pup. That said, he's what I would call nearly house-broken at this point. He whines to go out and has nearly from day one.

Come, sit (stay) and shake were all accomplished in short order. Uses his nose, has pointing tendencies. The only challenge really is the weather, puppy coat, and getting him enough exercise. Oh, and his beginnings as a lap dog, which he hasn't shed yet. He's a people dog, but doesn't think he's a person. I like that about shorthairs.

Stay tuned for rock picture updates, with a little luck.