Monday, October 20, 2014

CJ Brown - My Semi-comfortable Home Lake

Paddling the north end of CJ Brown can avoid some of the weather some of the time. 

Paddling up Buck Creek from
CJ Brown can be an adventure. 
CJ Brown Reservoir and Buck Creek State Park have to be considered my home lake due to proximity, although I also have to admit that I don't fish it well. And I don't like admitting that. It is considered one of Ohio's best inland walleye lakes.

I have never never caught a walleye there or anywhere. My defense would be that I haven't put it the time to learn that species and have stuck to rivers and smaller ponds for most of my fishing. The deeper, south end isn't really small boat friendly. I think that's where the fish are.

Still, flatwater in the early morning is a common
at CJ, aka "The reservoir" if you're from Springfield. 
The north end however is ideal for small boats. It is very shallow and not conducive to big boats, so there's no excessive wake or waves. Groups of islands surround the mouth where Buck Creek enters the lake and help break up the wind that plagues the bigger sections of the water. However, there isn't much cover for game fish on what are essentially a freshwater flats.
The north end of CJ Brown is very shallow,
demonstrated here by Jurgen von Stillwater. 

On recents days however I have see whitetail deer, a bald eagle, carp, red fox and hosts of shore birds. Our first bird dog pointed her first wild pheasant there years ago, a feat I was unprepared for and didn't believe. I shot a rooster later from the opposite shore when I was prepared. Our new pup is getting a feel for it all there. It all makes for pleasant memories and a pleasant paddle.

Even if I never pull a walleye from her waters, I'm more than comfortable with that.