Friday, December 16, 2011

Sundance West Eva Diva; Oct 15, 1998 - Dec. 10, 2011

Our first bird dog made every single outing an adventure and in a good way. Every single time. We couldn't have asked for more, although as a first timer in Ohio with limited funds I'm sure we never saw anywhere near her full potential. But you'd never know it to watch her. NAVHDA NA Prize II (a story in itself) she always hunted hard no matter what and was always happily ready to go. Right out of the box, she had the goods.

Sundance German Shorthair Pointers

Eva's litter:

Doc vd Westwind MH x Sundance Elishaba whelped 10/15/98 (6 males, 5 females)

Earned NAVHDA Breeders Award. What a group. 

Sire - Doc vd Westwind 

Dam - Sundance Elishaba 
NA Prize I "Liz"