Monday, April 13, 2015

Six Myth's and Misperceptions About Ohio Bobwhite Quail

If you remember Bobwhite Quail in any sort of abundance in Ohio you are telling you age. They are primarily restricted to the SW part of the state at this time, but there are efforts under way to help restore this native species. And deservedly so. Like most upland birds, they're primary need – and what has been eliminated – is habitat.

This document from the Ohio State Extension office, "Managing for Bobwhite Quail in Ohio's Agricultural Landscape" offers great advice.

"It is important to think of bobwhite habitat from a bobwhite’s eye view. Bobwhites live on the ground, so relatively open ground cover with dense overhead protective cover is ideal for these birds."

What can you do? First is delay mowing and haying until later in June if possible. 

Second, consult back to this document which offers a great list of Bobwhite friendly plants and suggestions for habitat mix. 

Third, learn the truth about common misperceptions about Bobwhite Quail in Ohio and ensure that they are not perpetuated.

Two of the most common are:

1. Misconception: Turkeys prevent bobwhite populations from recovering. False.

2. Misconception: Predation by coyotes prevents bobwhite populations from recovering. False.

Fourth, join Quail Forever or Pheasants Forever and help protect and restore habitat for our upland birds.